Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Birthday Squares

coming tenders coming:
and payment for tender
payment of the payment
and the payment tender

tender bidders tender:
the bidders the tender
reserve of the respect
for the changes bidder

groups changed tender:
and markets the powers
tenders on the tenders
for the revoked notice

tender project tender:
the project the tender
respect of the treated
and all revoked virtue

comply respect aspect:
the markets had bidder
respect of any submits
pre the markets energy

energy section energy:
act persons the acting
reserve or the between
and the licence system

bidder respect leases:
and surveys and impact
related to the meaning
the act respect bidder

tender project assets:
the account any policy
respect of any entered
was the licence system

tender granted tender:
the meaning the rights
respect of has meaning
the act meaning notice

manner purpose notice:
the persons and assets
respect of and decides
not the respect assets
assets reached assets:
one provide the bidder
reserve or the respect
and may require tender

bidder reserve bidder:
and provide the change
already or may provide
the one further assets

assets respect assets:
are account any bidder
respect of the payment
and the project bidder

notice payment assets:
the project and bidder
project or the payment
the sum respect bidder

bidder respect tender:
for bidders the change
already to one provide
and the further assess
decide account bidder:
the payment the bidder
project to the payment
the sum respect bidder

notice payment wishes:
and publish the tender
applies or the request
for one licence matter

impact changes system:
and require the notice
request to the request
and for writing within

notice whether notice:
the reasons for notice
payment to the respect
and for require tender

tender respect notice:
and require sum itself
project in has payment
and for publish notice

tender respect tender:
the respect and tender
earlier or sum publish
and the bidders become

within subject tender:
the respect and within
licence is the subject
the sum include tender

notice include within:
and bidders and manner
applies as has respect
and the respect bidder

within bidders become:
and invited the tender
bidders be the decline
pre the respect issued

notice reasons tender:
and publish the signed
bidders to the bidders
sum the respect bidder

tender include invite:
all bidders who issued
respect of one bidders
and the bidders tender

tender respect tender:
the reasons for tender
respect of the bidders
and the project amount

bidder reserve bidder
bid respect and notice
payment to one include
and the bidders issued

tender respect tender:
the licence and bidder
bidders of one respect
the set respect tender

tender respect tender:
and respect the tender
reserve in and bidders
and sum whether bidder

bidder respect bidder:
and reserve the bidder
respect in the reserve
the has respect notice

effect reserve bidder:
and specify the bidder
general to sum becomes
and the matters tender

bidder provide bidder:
has licence for bidder
acceded to sum defines
and the licence holder

tender provide bidder:
has licence for bidder
acceded to sum defines
and the licence holder

notice matters amount:
the matters and bidder
payment or the further
and has further notice
tender reserve bidder:
has reserve and bidder
respect of and reserve
and the reserve bidder

bidder licence notice:
use resolve the notice
matters of the actions
and the respect bidder

bidder reserve bidder:
the writing and bidder  
reserve or not reserve
has any payment bidder

bidder reserve bidder:
and accrued the tender
respect of may reserve
can run further tender

tender publish notice:
and publish sum notice
respect of may publish
and sum publish notice

notice applies tender:
any respect the wholly
payment by any accrued
and the payment person

person accrued events:
any respect the bidder
payment by any accrued
the not payment wholly

events respect notice:
the outcome the tender
reserve or the payment
has any accrued wholly

bidder payment bidder:
any accrued the bidder
reserve as the reserve
for the purpose bidder

tender relates bidder:
the matters and notice
licence to the respect
and the address bidder

notice payment bidder:
the respect the notice
include by the tenders
and for receive notice

bidder between bidder:
the working day period
confirm to the respect
and the reserve bidder

bidder recover tender:
and respect any amount
payment or the payment
the act respect amount

manner whether tender:
any exceeds the tender
respect of the payment
has the payment wholly

tender accrued tender:
the licence has bidder
respect of the release
any has accrued wholly

person payment permit:
the payment the permit
payment to the payment
has any further period

within further period:
the payment not bidder
failure is not applied
and for licence virtue

bidder changes bidder:
may writing not change  
between or the bidders
and the bidders latest

tender writing notice:
the matters and bidder
payment or the changes
for sum applies notice

bidder reserve bidder:
for certain sum relate
licence of the markets
and the markets Edward

energy climate change:
and entered the holder
licence in the entered
for the secured obtain

assets writing secure:
the station and estate
section of the entered
and the entered seabed

estate ensured rights:
are capable the bidder
entered of the ensured
any are secured assets

within writing belief:
the writing sum obtain
capable of the writing
and the writing assist

during writing within:
and respect the assets
writing to the writing
has the respect assets

tender respect bidder:
the writing the manner
licence to the project
are the writing belief

having writing tender:
and prevent the bidder
writing or sum respond
all are whether behalf

manner licence bidder:
and project pre tender
follows of the reasons
for its payment tender

tender follows tender:
the applied and tender
follows to the applied
and the applied tender

tender follows tender:
the applied and offers
project in any receive
any and receive offers

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