Friday, 28 March 2014

Tyger (left shift)

There is a process behind the composition of The Tyger. I call this process ‘Eidonomic’. The version of Eidonomics used here takes a text and creates a variant text based on that text’s own structure.

The basic process is this:

Take the first word in a text. Look left for the next word of the same length. Write it down. With the first word, there is not a word of the same length, so substitute it for itself (do this for all words for which there is no word of the same length). Take the second word. Look left for the next word of the same length. Write it down. Carry on until the text is exhausted. A 'right-shift' version can be performed also. I have a computer program that performs these steps.

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the burning in the tyger,
What immortal what of the
Night could eye forests immortal?

Or hand fearful frame in deeps
Skies thy what or burnt fire?
Of eyes thine what on bright?
Dare the what hand wings the dare?

The fire symmetry, & what and.
Sieze could art aspire he the twist?
Thy what and heart heart of when,
Beat began what & hand dread what?

Feet thy sinews what the dread?
To what distant the was chain?
What thy brain? what anvil dread
What the hammer furnace grasp?

Dare its clasp stars when threw
The terrors spears down their their,
And in tears did with he his?
See to did work who made lamb make?

Smile! Tyger! watered heaven
He the burning in the tyger,
Thee shoulder what of the
Hand night eye forests immortal?

Sunday, 2 March 2014


and urban
castle by Warblington acres
extends village
clustered houses
the curving about
from pond appurtenant
of Northwards
Southern by the parish
the village leads
Langstone through winds to lane
the meadows
the harbour
mentioned watered part
the parish land pasture
acres covered with are water
the streams wood
to Neutibrige in the while
in stood tithing
of the village at conspicuous end lane
to the leading past house
churchyard with the modern rectory
to the castle house for century
architectural stands ruins

tall trees at a lane graveyard gateway
with church yew
across fine notable East
the South to one surrounded
of and being soil

there a channel glimpses the island
North the mainland is
and between Hayling further
but here clay
the surface rich for pasture
wheat a loam used land
the Emsworth wooded stretch
Wygram larch
common oaks by
frequently to firs woods
oaks pales park of towards manor
park of Warblington grant century end

the tithemap
Warblington its conquest newtimber
English lands died in possession
Warblington the forfeited
lost lands
long in February
        restoration as seas
across failing warren of time
tenants for dead Warblington
answer date of lands

years prison
by seized lands
till Warblington in death may march
to February of custody

Southern castle
the counties entrance
octagonal its tall brick red turret
Neutibrige of once and stone
it was mullioned stories
and to show remains
square windows survey the gateway there
interest of the land is the tithing

Warblington river flows
the small town sea
import and trade
the oyster rife in the prosperous fisheries
shore of the harbour formed
the fishing and profits
and street unlading the coast space
from which down quays run streets

of Warblington
the engrailed lands
Warblington fleur between crosslets
disappeared building

cinquefoiled squint twilight
trefoiled West
to the East conjectured
a closed tracery which could be North

a window remains
indicating lights
lights over tracery
re century used the window
marble and piscina

under stonework
the angles of the century
appear in that lancet
a chamfered turret

level there and ancient wood
embattled showing beasts among devices
the crosses coffin matrix

the grave in keeping