Sunday, 18 September 2016

From, A Country Diary

Hill End

of fescues
of the dog violet
the fescues
late blooming dog violet
a late blooming selfheal
tormentil and even a tormentil
and even tormentil
and even tormentil

rain will wash away rain
will be over
will be over
wash away their spoil
in the sun will
their spoil heaps
few weeks
in the sun heaps
and their few weeks
and all trace will disappear  
their all trace
of them
of them
will disappear
of them

Sunday, 11 September 2016

From, A Country Diary


over my head
over my exhausted
– look –
exhausted head
a jay always
– look, a jay takes flight
in flight  
always takes flight
from the sycamore
but jays in flight
from the sycamore
as the bird exhausted
but jays
– as the bird crosses  
and exhausted crosses
the winged and the river
heavy winged
river to the
– it looks heavy  
to the meadow beyond
it looks meadow and hawthorns
and hawthorns beyond and hawthorns