Thursday, 30 June 2016

From, A Country Diary

Wenlock Edge (tenth)

of cloud
of flash floods
flash floods
cloud bursting dogs
stair-rods bursting into tempests and dogs
into tempests
thunder, cats and thunder
and lightning
and lightning
cats and lightning

Sandy (third)

from the bathroom
from the door
the back door
the bedroom at the back
the bedroom
or the eaves
at, or standing under, the eaves
standing under
standing under

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

From, A Country Diary

Claxton (third)

rooks overhead
rooks that fly
all that fly overhead
sedge warblers, they scratch away
all sedge warblers
mimicking as they scratch away
mimicking linnets
the metal gate
as linnets and clanging the metal gate
and Hereford cattle
Hereford cattle clanging
Hereford cattle