Thursday, 22 June 2017

Second, Hours of Spring (Paragraph 1)

it is it
    small singing bird
singing on tree
    the no-tree sound
no-sound voice
    the bird upon tree utters tree
utters meaning of the wind
    the wind voice
voice of grass
    the grass wild and flower wild
words flower of words
    of green the leaf green
they leaf speak
    they speak that through
dew and dew
    rifts and of rifts
sunshine of the sunshine
    dark the hawthorn dark
touched hawthorn with touched breadths
    with breadths open of bud
open the bud
    the air
the air colour
    the colour of daffodil
the daffodil:
    that is that

bough from bough he sings
    he rises
wind rushing over the young grass
    young refulgent grass
fall refulgent the golden rays
    golden rays of sun
the sun a minute only
    minute only clouds

and hedge is hedge dark
    is the dark bloom
the bloom of gorse
    the gorse shut is like a book
a book it is there
    is there
few hours few
    the open meadow
the meadow bare
    is but bare    
the shaped heart celandine
    shaped leaves celandine
will leaves come
    will come
in accustomed place
    gleam sunshine of the sunshine
first the colour
    first of colour
wind among rushes
    them among and them
they bow and bow
    rise and rise
dark the pine dark
    that pine looks that
as now in as summer
    in it summer lifts it and lifts
swings and swings
    arching the trail
bramble of it
    bramble dries and dries
crumbles and crumbles earth
    the sparrow’s hedge
feathers sparrow’s feathers fluttered
    are as fluttered
as sings he sings on bush the bush

[Some more mutated Jefferies. This time, another version of part of his essay Hours of Spring.]