Thursday, 9 July 2015

what is to be done

what is to be done:

 to be
 to begin
 to unite
 to wait
 to expound
 to put
 to show
 to have
 to raise
 to revive
 to confine
 to set
 to thrash
 to make
 to work
 to grow
 to proceed
 to theorize
 to defend
 to admit
 to do
 to see
 to convert
 to introduce
 to continue
 to mind
 to advance
 to retreat
 to cry
 to shame
 to invite
 to render
 to go
 to fight
 to predict
 to remain
 to come
 to explain
 to analyze
 to compare
 to prohibit
 to conduct
 to cite
 to ponder
 to refute
 to obscure
 to reject
 to understand
 to use
 to copy
 to talk
 to say
 to enter
 to reveal
 to narrow
 to permit
 to oppose
 to resume
 to degrade
 to criticize
 to observe
 to identify
 to note
 to guarantee
 to recognize
 to try
 to add
 to adopt
 to repeat
 to satisfy
 to belittle
 to divert
 to transcribe
 to test
 to fulfil
 to deal
 to state
 to get
 to forget
 to utilize
 to occupy
 to gain
 to free
 to keep
 to spread
 to knit
 to undergo
 to count
 to overthrow
 to ascribe
 to hit
 to speak
 to compel
 to meet
 to profit
 to draw
 to establish
 to acquire
 to regard
 to shift
 to refer
 to extol
 to appear
 to deny
 to kill
 to transplant
 to attack
 to resort
 to carry
 to supplement
 to imbue
 to strengthen
 to master
 to read
 to achieve
 to entrench
 to abandon
 to assimilate
 to secure
 to bow
 to praise
 to confuse
 to prove
 to call
 to preach
 to sermonize
 to accelerate
 to obviate
 to yield
 to utter
 to counteract
 to frame
 to impose
 to find
 to drag
 to follow
 to take
 to complain
 to avoid
 to pour
 to agitate
 to support
 to retain
 to recall
 to sell
 to reckon
 to publish
 to lead
 to become
 to expose
 to develop
 to apply
 to imagine
 to agree
 to offend
 to improve
 to strike
 to conceal
 to present
 to prescribe
 to win
 to thank
 to arrive
 to attempt
 to lay
 to rouse
 to illustrate
 to learn
 to employ
 to respond
 to blame
 to organize
 to hurl
 to catch
 to brand
 to tell
 to deepen
 to expand
 to intervene
 to lend
 to stimulate
 to know
 to bring
 to link
 to form
 to withstand
 to collect
 to combine
 to obtain
 to indulge
 to react
 to generalize
 to produce
 to guide
 to submit
 to give
 to arrange
 to listen
 to restrict
 to face
 to dictate
 to exercise
 to elevate
 to trade
 to devote
 to consolidate
 to live
 to arouse
 to realize
 to police
 to bribe
 to break
 to commence
 to accomplish
 to undertake
 to deliberate
 to reply
 to search
 to join
 to declare
 to stand
 to inform
 to stop
 to abstain
 to forestall
 to create
 to march
 to emulate
 to endorse
 to convince
 to maintain
 to involve
 to merge
 to deflect
 to advocate
 to bear
 to preserve
 to discuss
 to exile
 to kindle
 to teach
 to subordinate
 to answer
 to deploy
 to lose
 to replace
 to justify
 to train
 to snatch
 to cope
 to perform
 to subscribe
 to think
 to cut
 to prevent
 to advise
 to expect
 to obliterate
 to concern
 to demand
 to influence
 to separate
 to legalize
 to draft
 to bind
 to function
 to expel
 to pay
 to penetrate
 to issue
 to print
 to pick
 to walk
 to rob
 to notice
 to engage
 to resist
 to mislead
 to wipe
 to sidetrack
 to confute
 to concentrate
 to gather
 to serve
 to conceive
 to net
 to help
 to fear
 to descend
 to empty
 to assist
 to husband
 to place
 to rise
 to hold
 to contend
 to inspire
 to denote
 to direct
 to protest
 to deliver
 to conform
 to abstract
 to elect
 to control
 to practise
 to believe
 to rid
 to start
 to attain
 to solve
 to soar
 to enable
 to emphasize
 to happen
 to fathom
 to provide
 to flounder
 to visit
 to determine
 to express
 to grasp
 to drive
 to excite
 to act
 to send
 to transform
 to relegate
 to examine
 to contrast
 to summarize
 to study
 to command
 to distribute
 to exaggerate
 to possess
 to stretch
 to encourage
 to select
 to widen
 to insist
 to assign
 to further
 to prepare
 to adjust
 to settle
 to ask
 to dream
 to hide
 to induce
 to hear
 to cause
 to seize
 to shout
 to foretell
 to adapt
 to build
 to foresee
 to describe
 to sit
 to cultivate
 to educate
 to represent
 to quote
 to assert
 to ascertain
 to sow
 to delete
 to acquaint
 to reconcile?