Sunday, 10 December 2017

Angler #1

and this breathes such earth and creatures
    breathes on earth
airy creatures musick
    airy such musick of my men
such another of
    nightingale another affordest
bad the nightingale thou affordest
    but when thou dead
but heaven when
    and dead in heaven
alive and saints in both
    alive the saints
provided for that loves thou
    provided robin that thou honest robin musick hast
honest what musick
    and the lord what linnet
and say lord little linnet
    and say the little earth and lark
the above earth tit
    lark lifted above the tit be lifted
laverock well be the laverock
    might well namely the voice
might as namely her voice
    seasons as of her particular seasons
redoubling of their particular
    and redoubling in their doubling
and like in the doubling
    the like falling and falling
also do rising
    and birds also natural
rising smaller birds
    the natural, the smaller descants
nay the sweet descants
    nay the sweet
reach to airs
    can reach clear airs
instrument can
    the clear instrument
often the art
    or very often no art
have very as
    no, I have ditties as I such ditties hear
as forth such should hear warble forth securely
    should months warble
sleeps securely
    and when the spring and midnight
when cheerful spring at midnight
    not ceased voices
bid are not melodious voice
    miracles are their melodious
to think thrassel
    and thrassel make mankind
blackbird and might make the blackbird

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

from, Page 4

from, The Didascalicon Of Hugh Of St. Victor 

many things
    many things
and many found
    many clearly
and have found things clearly
    and have many things
books and obscurely many read books