Monday, 19 October 2015

from, A Country Diary


bonfires these bonfires
the time is the time
these burn
it is burn all day
after it all day
and the hour
after and every day
and the hour
every day
but sunset
but sunset
and but sunset

smoke drifts
smoke disappears
countryside disappears
drifts horizontally
the whole countryside
horizontally over
and the whole
over the fields
the hedges and the fields
and through the hedges
and threads its way through
threads its way
threads its way

trees and trees
smoke and smoke
and mists
mist and mists
and of mist and the planes
of the solid
the flat planes
solid ground itself
because the flat ground itself
seem to –
is it because –
seem to breathe
and skyward
is it breathe
and to gaze
to gaze skyward
to gaze

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