Sunday, 27 March 2016

From, A Country Diary


of sunlight
of light
of light
sunlight that speared a halo
of that speared through
in a halo
through the surrounded
in the hawthorns was surrounded
hawthorns and the hedge was
and highlighted
of the hedge highlighted
the top of the fresh on top fresh green
its perch on green growth
from its perch
growth of goosegrass singing from
of goosegrass
a sparrow singing
 a hedge
hedge sparrow hedge

the sun rose
the grasses, withered grasses
sun rose
the frost
last autumn’s withered
the frost turned to
– among last autumn’s
turned to sparkling
hedge among sparkling water
the hedge water drops
underneath the drops
on catkins underneath
on new hazel catkins
new hawthorn and hazel
hawthorn leaves
leaves and leaves

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