Wednesday, 8 August 2018


flag-bed marshy flag-bed
    and through
a small marshy burdock
    and through a small teasel and burdock
and through
    with teasel and burdock
and in
    with teasel and burdock
filled in with teasel and bramble
    filled in with
and bramble filled in
    gorse and bramble filled
oak, gorse, and bramble
    scrub, oak, gorse, and of scrub
oak, gorse, tangled thicket of scrub oak
    a tangled thicket
of scrub
    through a tangled thicket of
seaward through a tangled thicket
    led me seaward through a water
led me seaward through the running water
    led me seaward
brook, the running water led me
    brook, the running water
brook the running brook

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