Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The July Grass (paragraph 2)

will live
I will unconscious be
unconscious will be
I will think
not think
will not
I will
grass I a grass
I too
I as if me
as over me pass
over shall pass
flies shall
scarlet-dotted flies
the scarlet-dotted and the turf
and the turf
on here on
sit here will sit
I will nothing
I know nothing
I know which
I of which morning
of this morning
handful this a handful picked
have picked
I the binding of the gold
of the gold
on the settling
on is settling dust
is the dust
my names
their names
learn any to learn
not decided
not have decided
thinking of and thinking sea
and the sea nears the sward
nears the sward
where here
where grow here
that grow grasses
the grasses of the names
of the names
of the nothing 
knows nothing
fly knows scarlet-dotted fly
the scarlet-dotted day
the day or the night
or the night
first came first
still till backward
still night backward and night
day and every day
years backwards
counting backwards
flowed counting
and flowed
ebbed and have ebbed
that have tides
that the tides
the number in number equal
in years equal
and years
years and live years
could live we could
if we not
if flower not a flower
as sweet as smells sweet
that smells grass
that the grass
of the enough
of never enough
over the hand
over a hand come shadows
sliding shadows and sliding sun
and of sun enough
of never enough
no never enough
no, long enough
still hours long
hundred hours
a hundred were
living and about living
thinking about without thinking
is ebbs
it ebbs
dry quite dry
not quite
does not
it does
why or why
there or is there
sea is the sea
that is all and all
grass and the grass
the sunlight like with sunlight 
and wings about scarlet-spotted wings
this scarlet-spotted
whirls this fly
whirls the fly

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