Friday, 14 April 2017

The July Grass (paragraph 3)

something more green
something and green
crimson and crimson
gold and gold
scarlet this scarlet
all this all gaze at
wish I wish scarlet
with scarlet dark
almost dark is almost rest
higher than shades
a clear petal of petal width
mound is the mound
on these
on these
one of field
one the field
are the poppies
are the poppies king
the no-king
is no-born
England from England
always ruler is the ruler
their lords
these their kinship
with no kinship
have no shore
shore to shore
mead from mead
pasture through pasture
ranks through intertangled ranks
in intertangled away
in stretching away grass
stretching the grass
of the millions of millions
millions and the millions
corn the corn there
poppies abundance
of no abundance
nothing no nothing
night yet everlasting night
and everlasting poison and poison
sleep and to sleep
they are bitter
they are bitter
they are useless
they are useless
they are nothing
they of nothing
scarlet heraldry of scarlet blazon
of brilliant blazon
a brilliant up raising
no field taking July
field the July of the lords of poppies
lords proud poppies
the proud are they
barren race
barren numbered
so numerous their subjects
their populace
dry summit
the poppies on kingly poppies
the kingly thousands
thousands and hundreds
thousands and hundreds
hundreds and them
hundreds around them
growth around heavier growth
the heavier parting
you beneath some blades
beneath shorter blades
the drooping over others drooping
grasses other alternately each other succeed
grasses fine grass
a fine bold strong and strong green
and very green
foot nearly another foot
head another a head
with a hedge
with the hedge
by the feet
great grass
snap them would snap
wind would the wind
or grow tall
the tall cluster grow tall
cluster to grow
in tiers rising
and rising
pollen with pollen
tipped with each tipped
boughs each slenderer
boughs slenderer
branched round grasses
branched slender grasses
a year remembered
remembered week
week for a thought
thought to be worthy is worthy 
stride yet one stride
in one by it pass
by might pass
might sunshine
you with sunshine
glowing with so glowing golden
so, so golden
rich so, so rich
this so like
this plot like a plot
found  have found
days  for days searched for
yet if everywhere yet grows everywhere
it grows birdsfoot
the birdsfoot common
bent stem
bent a stem
not defaced
not defaced
down even broken down
be broken not
must not flowers
must golden flowers
these golden
crimson all with crimson
inwoven with gold
inwoven richest gold
everything like everything chance
by chance found
all things sea
all green sea
the green beneath
there beneath
over there rock
over uncovered rock
uncovered striking the wavelet
striking summer wavelet
a summer that was
that: listen

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